Instabot is an amazing, free python script for semi-automating activities on your instagram account. Many people struggle to set it up, so I wrote a complete guide!

InstaBot setup guide – suitable for noobs!

I see it all the time – people with expertise always fall into the same trap. I suppose we’re all guilty of it.
We make way too many assumptions about what people know already.

Because if we’re very experienced and do certain tasks without thinking, we skip over the basics, because well, everybody knows that part, right?


We make too many assumptions, and there are always people who need the most basic guidance possible.
So when I devise a course or a guide, I try to put myself in the shoes of a total noob. (That means newbie, or someone who is totally new to this, so they have no experience.)

A good test for me, is that if my wife can follow it, I’ve done a good job!

And so it is with guides and video tutorials about setting up Instabot. To be able to use something like Instabot without help, requires quite a bit of computing experience. You need to be very familiar with the basics of handling files, creating folders, cloning and renaming files, extracting zip files, terminal windows, editing text files to configure scripts, and so on. Anyone with computer experience would not bat an eyelid at the above list. It’s basic stuff. But if you don’t know that stuff, you don’t know it. Yet.

I recently saw a great signature line on someonbody’s account on a message board forum, that said something like:

Noob is not derogatory: the noob is just the lower end of the noob–geek spectrum.
Being a noob is just your first step towards being an uber-geek.

I love that. It acknowledges a desire to learn, and that we’re all on a journey, all the time.

Instabot guide - complete step by step video course

So I made a complete step by step, noob-friendly guide to setting up Instabot.

Because hacking instagram isn’t just for uber-geeks. Why shouldn’t noobs be able to do it too?

With my step by step course, you’ll soon have your own free instabot up and running and growing your account for you. Most people seem to get between 50 and 100 new followers per day using the free Instabot script.

I’ve used services in the past which charge hefty monthly fees to achieve the same thing. Now I can do the same thing for free, with no monthly charges, so I wanted to share this knowledge for others to benefit from.

I hope you find it useful.

What’s in the Instabot guide?

The course includes step by step video guides to the following:

  • Setting up Instabot on your Windows machine (includes downloading and setting up Python, downloading and configuring the Instabot scripts, how to start and stop the scripts, and troubleshooting).
  • Setting up Instabot on a Raspberry Pi (for complete, low-energy consumption 24/7 running.)
  • How to control your Instabot (on Windows or Raspberry Pi) remotely, via your phone!
  • Tips and tricks section.

Visit the course page

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