If you have a bilingual or multilingual audience, you’ll want to know how to translate WordPress properly.

The good news is that it’s easier than you might think to translate WordPress sites into virtually any language (or languages), using the best translation plugin for WordPress, called [bl id=”663″]WPML[/bl].

Translate wordpress like a pro
Translate wordpress like a pro

If you’ve been looking for a WordPress Translation plugin, you may have come across a few. I wrote a WordPress Translation Plugin comparison post here, if you want to check out the pros and cons.

For me, producing a bilingual website (or multi-language, for that matter) is a matter of respecting your audience.

It’s far too easy to just make a token gesture and get your posts translated, or even worse, why not really insult your readers by using automated machine-translations? If you want to know how to translate wordpress sites properly, read on.

Translate WordPress like a pro.

But what about the rest of your site?
What about all those menus, everything in your sidebars, the footers, your contact forms?
If you really value all of your readers, then your site needs to be presented fully and completely in all languages.
No token gestures.

There’s a lot more to your site than just your blog posts, isn’t there?
What you really need is a full wordpress theme translation plugin, essentially, but with the added bonus of having the power to translate wordpress plugin strings of text associated with the variety of other plugins you probably use too.

The standard should remain the same regardless of language. Don’t make any of your visitors feel like second-rate citizens by using free language translator plugins/tools like Google to translate wordpress sites – the quality isn’t terrible, but it’s very clunky and will never be as good as a proper human translation!

Use WPML to translate wordpress seamlessly

With [bl id=”663″]WPML[/bl], you can achieve all of the above to create a truly seamless experience in all of your chosen languages.

Find out more about WPML

Looking for someone to set up WPML for you?

WPML is the most popular wordpress translation plugin out there for good reason, though naturally, it can be a little tricky to set everything up perfectly, if you haven’t got the time or the inclination to do it all yourself.

An easy option is to hire me to do it for you.
If you would like me to install and set up WPML for you, please get in touch.
I can get you up and running really swiftly, and you’ll soon have a fully bilingual (or multilingual) website.
It really is the best way to translate wordpress.

If you have any questions at all, please contact me, and I’ll be glad to advise.

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