If you’re not using the power of video to grab your customer’s attention, you’re missing a trick. Video is huge, and you need to be using it in some way.

Why use video marketing?

It’s about attracting attention, and standing out from the crowd. If your competitors are already using eye-catching, attention-grabbing video on their sites and on their social media channels, you don’t want to get left behind.

And if they’re not, using video will help give you a competitive edge.

People naturally engage with video. It’s quick, it’s easy to digest.
Given a choice, most people would rather watch a quick video than read a few pages of text. Wouldn’t you?

Most people are put off from using video by the technical difficulty of producing good quality media. Sure, you can shoot video on your iPhone these days but the final result may not reflect the quality and professionalism of your product or service.

Video doesn’t have to mean standing in front of a camera.

Most people are terrified of the idea of having to “perform” for the camera. It feels awkward and self conscious.

There are numerous ways to create engaging, effective video campaigns using alternative sources to filming live people. Screen capture, for example recording a Powerpoint or Prezi, to more advanced animation “explainer” videos, can work very well particularly on social channels.

Need help with some video projects?

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