I’ll build you a website that lets you focus on your business, not your website.


People who use my services have a few things in common.

  • They want a website that’s easy to maintain.
  • They need to stay focused on their own core business.
  • They want a site that looks and feels like a high quality, professional website.
  • They want a site that enhances their business and brings measurable results.

The DarkStar Digital approach to website creation.

We have a super simple approach to creating websites, that gives you a modern, professional design that your audience will love, but at a very affordable price.

Unless you’ve got money to burn, forget expensive, custom designed sites by trendy design studios.

If you’re just getting started, the most important thing is to START.

Do these statements feel familiar to you?

  • I need something simple and effective that looks good and just works
  • I want people to be able to find my business when they search online.
  • I don’t want to pay thousands up front
  • I like the idea of gradually building it up, based on what seems to work for my audience.
  • I’d like to be able to quickly update the site myself

It’s true, you can go ahead and dabble with a free WordPress.com site, and it might just do what you want. But everyone knows that a self hosted WordPress site is a far more powerful and flexible way to present your offer to the world.

I build sites exclusively using the [bl id=”588″]Genesis Framework by StudioPress[/bl]. Go ahead, [bl id=”589″]check out their themes[/bl]. I think you’ll be impressed by their clean simplicity. They’re totally professional looking.

But it’s not just about looks.

Genesis themes are optimised for security and stability, allowing you the freedom to concentrate on running your business instead of just running your website.

If you’re tech-savvy, you can probably go ahead and set up the bare bones of a Genesis powered site fairly easily.

But depending on what you want the site to do, you’ll probably want to flesh it out to include some other functionality, such as:

  • Selling stuff (real, physical goods)
  • Selling virtual stuff (digital downloads)
  • Events listings
  • Booking forms
  • Photo galleries
  • Resource directories
  • Members forums

and the list goes on…

Plus, that’s before we’ve even discussed how to link everything together with any social media accounts you might have on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram.

A Strategic approach to building your online presence

It’s all about engagement. Getting people to your site is only the beginning.

I can help you optimise your site to increase the traffic. This means greater numbers of people visiting, and increasing the number of page views per viewer.

But it runs deeper than that too. Once people are on your site, a certain percentage will carry out the action you want them to take, e.g. signed up to the mailing list, or made a purchase. This conversion rate can be improved and optimised, and is often the most cost effective way of increasing your profits, since you’re not having to pay to acquire new customers. You’re just  converting more of your existing visitors into buyers/subscribers.

Would you like my help?

Whether you’re just starting out with a website for the first time, or want to refresh an outdated site to a more modern design, I’ll be glad to help.

Maybe you’re already happy with your site, but want to develop a better content marketing strategy, or get into email automation? I’ll be glad to help.

Perhaps you already have a site that functions really well for you, but you just need to put out regular, creative and innovative content that will rank highly in the search engines? I can help you with that too.

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