Denbighshire based artist Carol A Wynne has just launched a new website with the help of DarkStar Digital.

I particularly enjoy working with creative types.

Maybe it’s because their output lends itself so well to the web. Or maybe it’s the way they see the world and the ideas they bring to the table.

Personal approach, open mindedness, receptiveness to thinking out of the box and learning new tricks. These are the things that can define whether or not a new web project will succeed or fail.

And the willingness to focus and put some effort into it.

It’s 2015 and there’s a lot of competition out there.

It’s not enough these days to have a website created for you and then forget about it. To be successful these days, your site needs to live and breathe, and to be engaging.

I often use the analogy of planting seeds. They need to be nurtured. They need time. Regular input.

Do all this, and eventually, you’ll get fruit.

Carol’s new site achieves a number of things:

  • Carol can now sell her paintings online, for the first time.
  • She can build up a gallery or portfolio of her favourite works, as a showcase for her talents.
  • She can share her experiences and inspirations with the world via a blog that’s easy to use.
  • People can make contact with Carol via a contact form.
  • Prominent links to Carol’s social media channels.
  • A mailing list so that people can be kept up to date about Carol’s work.
Click to visit

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