The unthinkable had just happened. One of my sites went offline and I wasn’t sure why. The response I got from my hosting company? Unbelievably awesome!

It was my own fault. It usually is. I’m a tinkerer. Always fiddling. Optimising. Tweaking.

Until sometimes it breaks. Oops.

Only this time was different, it looked terminal. And this was on my main hobby site, which actually makes money. So if the site was down, I was probably losing money. PANIC!!!

Trying to stay calm, I logged into my web host’s admin area and filled out a support ticket. The site is hosted with [bl id=”622″]TSOhost[/bl], by the way.

What happened next blew my mind.

Proof that TSOhost have the best customer service of any web hosting company on the planet. In any galaxy.

Ok here’s the screenshot. Check out the timestamp.

TSOhost - help

I had just deleted a few thousand files from the server that should have been safe to delete. But the site started behaving as though it wanted to do a fresh install! Yikes.

I sent the “help” email and decided I’d probably go and make a drink, watch some TV and try my best to forget about it (yeah, right).

From experience, I knew that [bl id=”622″]TSOhost[/bl] are pretty amazing compared to most companies (and waaaay better than any of the others I’ve personally used in the past).

But – emailing a support request at 8:18pm? Not exactly office hours. This might have to wait…

I couldn’t believe what happened next.

Before shutting down, I compulsively checked my email one last time.
There was a reply from TSOhost.

What? That was quick! At first I thought it might just have been the usual “we received your email and one of our support folks will take a look at it sometime soon…”. You know the sort of thing.  But no, my problem had been picked up, assessed and FIXED, within 5 minutes.

TSOhost - customer service

I must say that again!

Within 5 minutes of my panic stricken email saying my site had gone down, the customer support guys at [bl id=”622″]TSOhost[/bl] had responded and fixed the issue for me.
That is phenomenal customer support if ever I experienced it.

And that’s just one of the reasons I wholeheartedly recommend [bl id=”622″]TSOhost[/bl] if you need to host a website.

Try them, they are fantastic.

Oh, and if you use my code DARKSTARDIGITAL, you’ll get a nice 10% off your order.

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