Need half a dozen eye-catching Christmas social media images in less than 5 minutes? Here’s exactly how I did it for a local charity group I support. 

In my day job, I work with some amazing folks who help improve people’s lives. They do this professionally, through their main day jobs, but they also go the extra mile and run a charity group to raise funds and provide assistance and grants to families in need. They’ve been doing this for nearly 15 years, and they’re all very special people. So I like to help the group out in my own way, which means doing digital stuff. Check out their site at Conwy Kids Matter.

Quick and Easy blog post images for Christmas posts

The group help out every year with a local toy appeal, and had written up a brief blog post to share with their followers. One of the group members asked me how he could “jazz up” the title of the post, and I suggested making an image banner, with the title of the post.

My favourite tool for creating quick and easy blog post images is Stencil. Take a look below to see a gallery of the images I made in less than 5 minutes.

After I’d created a blog post header image for one of the blog authors, I thought I would quickly spin up some additional images that the group might want to use on their facebook page. Because whilst it’s quick enough to design a single image in Stencil, it’s even simpler to then alter it to produce variations, e.g. by dropping in different background images and re-arranging the text slightly.

Stencil is WAY quicker than Photoshop!

I was able to create these six images in less than 5 minutes using Stencil, because all of the images came from Stencil’s own internal image search library. This also means that they are licensed for use, so you’re never going to get in trouble for stealing copyrighted images. (Incidentally, if you currently use images you find via Google image search, you could quite easily get into trouble for that, so please don’t do it!)

Stencil demo video showing the new Collections feature (released October 2017)

I was delighted to hear that the Collections feature was added to Stencil, as I know that customers had been asking for the facility to store images in folders for some time. It’s useful to keep images for one site separate from images for another site, right? Here’s my video walkthrough of the new Collections feature in Stencil.

If you’re looking for the best tool to create eye catching images for your blog or social media channels, I highly recommend taking a look at Stencil.

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